Two units of the Bugatti Chiron in the United States have been recalled for a fault in their side airbags, according to a filing by the National Highway and Transport Administration (NHTSA). The fault reported is due to an improperly installed heat shield for the side airbags, which could lead to reduced performance of the airbag due to “heat generated under certain external temperature conditions,” according to the report.

The issue was discovered during a “production test of airbag deployment under high-temperature conditions,” when burn traces next to the airbag’s gas generator were found. Further investigation found that the the gas generator’s heat shield was incorrectly installed.

Owners of the two units of the Bugatti Chiron will be personally contacted by Bugatti’s Flying Doctors, and will entail shipping the seats to the automaker’s factory in France for checks. The faulty side airbags will go to their manufacturer for a full repair, and the rectified items will have a green dot on the airbag label. All costs relating to the issue will be paid for by Bugatti.

The performance crown jewel of the Volkswagen Group has recently gained another variant, the Chiron Sport, which arrived in Malaysia with a cool RM12.5 million starting price tag. Meanwhile, a set of 1,500 PS and 1,600 Nm power and torque output figures are hardly what anyone might call modest, however the French marque will surely have a more potent version coming, further along the Chiron’s lifecycle.

GALLERY: Bugatti Chiron Sport in Malaysia