More about the proposed third national car company, which the government is reportedly working towards the formation of. Based on that revealed by entrepreneur development minister Mohd Redzuan Yusof, the project is supposedly set to get underway by 2020.

The idea of this venturing toward a working reality has prompted more to question the need for a further national car project, the dissenting voice this time coming from Keadilan vice-president Rafizi Ramli.

In a post made on his personal website, he expressed his fears that the federal government will continue to pursue the project despite the rakyat‘s clear opposition towards it. Not mincing his words, he wrote that implementing something unpopular and contrary to Pakatan Harapan’s pledges as made in its election manifesto would invite cynicism from the people.

Rafizi said that there was nothing in the Pakatan Harapan campaign or its election manifesto that includes the establishment of a third national car company, and urged that the matter be reconsidered in order to reduce a negative perception of the new federal government.

He said that the efforts toward establishing a third national car company would have a huge financial impact, and asked how much of the investment made for it would utilise public funds. Rafizi also queried as to which governing body would take responsibility for implementing the project.

Citing the supposed 2020 launch, he asked if a specific plan to assess the project’s financial impact on the country had been carried out, and if the federal government intends to abolish excise taxes to reduce car prices when the third national car is launched.

Rafizi said that since it is a policy matter, it should be brought to the Pakatan presidential council first to seek agreement with the parties forming the coalition. Although the cabinet is ultimately responsible in decision-making, he said that decisions regarding policy matters must be refined in principle at the Pakatan Harapan level before being implemented through the cabinet.

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