Over the years, cars have grown greatly in size, but the same can’t be said for most parking spaces, especially those in the city. However, Porsche has developed a more convenient, stress-free feature to help drivers park their vehicles remotely. Introducing, the Remote Park Assist (RPA).

RPA is based on on smart assistance systems like parking spot search, a feature which detects and highlights suitable parking spots when driving past. This is commonly used by many automakers in their vehicles with self-parking tech, and it detects multiple parking spots, whether it’s a parallel spot, right angle, forward or reverse parking. The trick here is that all of it can be achieved with a simple tap of the finger.

All the driver needs to do is press and hold the ‘OK’ button on the smartphone app until the vehicle has finished parking automatically. The car can even negotiate its way around narrow garages, Porsche claims. Of course, the driver doesn’t need be in the vehicle for this function to operate. Simply stand outside, use the app and watch as it happens. Just make sure you don’t have trust issues like we do…

While it sounds rudimentary, Porsche says the system is complex, employing four high-tech processors in the Central Driver Assistance Control (CDAC) unit to coordinate 20 additional control units. These evaluate data from 12 ultrasonic sensors in real time.

Remote Park Assist with Surround View, on the other hand, uses four individual cameras to compute a 360-degree view that helps with parking and manoeuvring. If it detects a pedestrian, a high curb, or a bollard near the vehicle, the system interrupts parking or automatically makes adjustments to avoid damaging the vehicle. When in doubt, one can always pause the auto-parking feature at any time.

Self-parking technologies are not new, with BMW showcasing the tech way back in 2015 with the G11/G12 BMW 7 Series. Mercedes-Benz also announced its Remote Parking Pilot feature with the W213 E-Class, and Audi as well with the new A8. Now, watch Porsche’s Remote Park Assist in action with the Cayenne.

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