BMW has released the first few teasers of the Vision iNEXT, a concept that takes the form of a crossover. Not much is known about the show car but it will reportedly preview an upcoming model that will have a place alongside the forthcoming iX3.

Based on the provided materials, the Vision iNEXT will sport quite a sizeable iteration of BMW’s signature twin-kidney grille, which is illuminated as you can see. Intake slits are also present on the front fascia in the corners of the bumper, along with a pair of rather slim headlamps.

The latter appears to blend into the side windows, and with some slight shadow manipulation, we also see muscular wheel arches and a sloping roofline. The two kinks at the top and bottom of the glass sections are as we’ve seen on an earlier teaser released in May.

Focusing on the rear, we find thin light strips being used as taillights as well as to highlight what looks like faux diffusers. As an electric powertrain will most likely be used for the concept, this design element is mostly in the interest of styling.

We expect more details about the Vision iNEXT to be released as it nears its debut, where it will join previous concepts like the i Vision Dynamics and Vision Next 100, which boast autonomous driving capabilities.