Among the dozens of modified FK8 Honda Civic Type R displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2019, this black unit by famous Japanese tuner HKS is easily one of the finest. There’s little in the way of aesthetic mods with this HKS FK380R. Instead, the tuning firm put emphasis on performance, and the FK380R features a multitude of mechanical upgrades.

Much like its name, the HKS FK380R packs 380 PS and 510 Nm of torque from its K20C 2.0 litre VTEC turbo engine that originally made 320 PS and 400 Nm. According to the info board on display, the figure was achieved using the same factory-fitted turbine.

For the 380 PS tune, HKS has fitted its Legamax Premium exhaust system, featuring one large exhaust exit which replace the standard asymmetrical trio. In the engine bay, there’s a new HKS carbon-fibre cold air intake system, a brand new Racing Suction system with a red open pod performance air filter, as well as a Super SQV4 blow-off valve.

The ECU has been flashed, and cooling aids come in the form of a large intercooler kit with new oil coolant. Nothing on its transmission has been mentioned, so it’s likely that the standard six-speed manual (with LSD) has been left untouched.

With more power delivered to the front wheels, it only makes sense to upgrade the brakes as well. For this, HKS fitted new front rotors and calipers by Endless, whereas the rear simply gets Endless brake pads.

For suspension, the stock units have been replaced by HKS Hipermax IV SP, and the fitment of Suspension Error Canceller SEC Type H help negate electronic issues relating to the Civic Type R’s original adaptive suspension. A set of 18-inch forged Advan Racing RS DF wrapped with Yokohama Advan AD52 (265/35R18) rubbers complete the Stage 1 package.

If having 380 PS and 510 Nm is not enough to keep you sated, well, HKS is also working on a 430 PS Stage 2 version, as well as a mind-numbing 600 PS Stage 3 kit. The former sports a new Sport Turbine kit – currently in development – to go with a new racing muffler and ECU reflash.

The Stage 3 mod comprise of a completely reworked turbine kit, ECU reflash, additional injector controller kit, and upgraded pistons and connecting rods. Apparently, the transmission will also be beefed up, possibly by way of a high-performance clutch. So, FK8R owners, how do you like this?