Perodua introduced the third-generation Myvi in November 2017, and today, the company has announced that it has delivered over 100,000 units of the model. The milestone further adds to the Myvi’s total sales volume, which now stands at around the 1.1 million mark.

“We are glad to announce that since the third-generation Perodua Myvi’s launch in November 2017, we have delivered over 100,000 of them to happy customers – that’s an average of over 1,560 units a week,” said Datuk Dr Zahari Husin, managing director at Perodua Sales.

“The Perodua Myvi is by far the most successful model in our history. The original Myvi launched in 2005 into a market then dominated by sedans. By 2013 it had overtaken the Kancil’s all-time sales (708,000 units from 1994 to 2009) and to date, we have sold nearly 1.1 million Myvis altogether,” he added.

As it stands, orders for the latest Myvi have reached a cumulative 150,000, and the national carmaker promises to fulfill them promptly. “We thank all Malaysians for welcoming the Myvi into your homes with open arms – it really encourages and motivates us to keep improving so we can serve you better. At Perodua, we never forget that we are a ‘People First’ company,” said Zahari Husin.

Last year, Perodua delivered a record 227,243 cars to retain its position at the top of the local automotive sales chart for the 13th consecutive year. Since 1994, the company has sold nearly 3.5 million cars, with the Kancil being its first model. For 2019, it is targeting a slightly higher sales figure of 231,000 units.