Last week, Proton introduced the newly facelifted Saga, which competes directly against the Perodua Bezza. With pricing starting from RM32,800 (OTR without insurance) for the base variant, it is certainly an attractive proposition, but there are those who are curious about servicing costs for the model.

Well, we’ve gathered all the data on the matter to make it easier for you to compare how much it would cost to maintain the two sedan models. The information you see here is readily available on Perodua’s website and Proton’s MyProton mobile app.

To keep the comparison as equal as possible, we are only going to consider the 1.3 litre variant of the Bezza, as it matches the engine displacement of the Saga, which only comes with a 1.3 litre engine across its range.

As for transmissions, the Bezza 1.3L is offered with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic for the Premium X variant, while the range-topping Advance only comes with the latter. The Saga also has the same gearbox line-up, although the four-speed auto box is new and replaces the previous CVT unit that was used. Only the Standard variant is offered with both, with the Premium limited to just the auto.

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With the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get into the numbers. Overall, the Saga is cheaper to maintain over 100,000 km/five years compared to the Bezza, regardless of the transmission option selected, although the difference in terms of total cost isn’t especially profound – the biggest gap is just RM92.97 in terms of the automatic versions.

Looking at the itemised service schedule, you’ll notice the Saga requires more frequent engine air filter and spark plug changes compared to the Bezza. However, the total cost of these items over 100,000 km for the Saga is comparatively less, as the Bezza’s 1NR-VE uses iridium spark plugs, unlike the Saga.

The Bezza also uses a costlier air filter that is changed at 40,000 km and 80,000 km intervals, or every 20,000 km if you opt in for Perodua’s optional Pro Care preventative maintenance measure service schedule.

It’s also noteworthy that automatic transmission oil changes for the Bezza are required at the 40,000 km and 80,000 km mark, with the Saga only needing to undergo this measure at 60,000 km. Be that as it may, the cost of transmission oil changes for the Bezza is less combined when compared to the Saga.

2019 Proton Saga 1.3L AT and MT; click to enlarge

For the manual versions, transmission oil changes are considerably cheaper for the Bezza as opposed to the Saga, despite taking place twice over 100,000 km. In other areas, the Saga also needs fuel filter replacements every 30,000 km, as well as a FEAD belt change, both of which are not required for the Bezza.

While not included in these tables, the Saga requires a timing belt change at the 110,000 km service interval, which costs RM334.68 (total cost is RM633.85, inclusive of engine oil, oil filter, labour and service tax). The Bezza uses a timing chain that isn’t replaced, according to the official service schedule.

The Bezza’s maintenance cost does go up further if you consider the optional Pro Care items, which include more frequent brake fluid, spark plug and air filter changes. Perodua also recommends carrying out tyre (alignment, balancing and rotation) and air-con maintenance at specific intervals, both not listed for the Saga. If you factor in all Pro Care items, the Bezza’s total maintenance cost jumps RM982 for both transmissions.

Perodua Bezza 1.3L AT (left), MT (right); click to enlarge

Keep in mind that there are some factors that aren’t considered here, like fuel consumption, or even consumables like brake pads, shock absorbers, batteries and tyres that would likely vary between the two vehicles based on individual ownership.

With everything presented to you for your consideration, what do you think of the service maintenance for the Saga and Bezza. Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below. These figures are based on what is listed on manufacturers’ websites at the time of writing, and that actual prices may vary.

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