At long last, BMW owners can finally enjoy wireless Android Auto in their vehicles, enabling access to a multitude of functionalities such as suggested destinations, upcoming appointments, as well as music and messaging apps. However, it will only be deployed in July 2020, and is only compatible with cars fitted with BMW Operating System 7.0.

Just like Apple CarPlay (which is now free for BMW owners), Android Auto is integrated directly into BMW’s digital cockpit, which means customers get access to important – and likely simplified – information within the instrument cluster’s Info Display and in the head-up display. Google Assistant is present, too.

BMW’s vice president of product management, Peter Henrich said: “Many of our customers have pointed out the importance to them of having Android Auto inside a BMW for using a number of familiar Android smartphone features safely without being distracted from the road, in addition to BMW’s own functions and services. We will offer this service to our customers starting in July 2020.”

Meanwhile, Google’s vice president of engineering, Patrick Brady added: “We are excited to work with BMW to bring wireless Android Auto to their customers worldwide next year. The seamless connection from Android smartphones to BMW vehicles allows customers to hit the road faster while maintaining access to all of their favourite apps and services in a safer experience.”

The automaker will hold a live demonstration of Android Auto in its cars for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. What do you think of this?