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Following the useful Toll Prices feature, here’s another practical new feature that you can now find on Waze. The navigation app can now lead you to 500 zero-fee Touch n Go reload locations across the country.

So, you no longer have to wonder where to reload your TnG card without incurring that annoying 50 sen charge, and can Waze to the nearest zero-fee point closest to you. The press release did not give any details or accompanying image, so we poked around Waze to check out how this works, and the screenshots are above.

Basically, just search “Touch n Go reload” and select the entries with the Touch n Go logo from the list of results. Clicking on it will show you the reload point’s distance from your current location, as well as a “reload with zero reload fee” statement below.

With the year end holiday season fast approaching, make sure you have sufficient balance in your TnG card before travelling, for your convenience as well as everyone else’s. The company says that Touch n Go RFID Fitment Centres and surcharge-free parking sites will also be included to Waze in the near future.