Several carmakers have announced their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint via electrification, and Subaru is next to join the crowd. At a recent technology briefing, the company revealed its new long-term targets, which will see at least 40% of its global sales be made up of electric or hybrid electric vehicles by 2030. Currently, the company currently offers mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of the XV and Forester in several markets.

Subaru will be leveraging on its renewed partnership with Toyota to make this happen, with both companies currently developing a modular platform dedicated to EVs that can underpin a multitude of vehicle sizes, including C- and D-segment sedans and SUVs. At the recent briefing, Subaru also unveiled the first design study for an all-electric crossover to emerge from this joint development, which is said to debut by 2025.

Looking further forward, Subaru is aiming to apply electrification technologies to all its vehicles sold worldwide by 2035, and by 2050, to reduce average well-to-wheel CO2 emissions from new vehicles (in operation) sold worldwide by 90% or more compared to 2010 levels. Well-to-wheel CO2 emissions include all emissions from energy production through vehicle operation, with emissions from primary energy sources used for electricity production being included for EVs.

While electrification is a focal point, Subaru says it will remain focused on enhancing its “distinctive strengths” by further evolving its core technologies – boxer engines, all-wheel drive and its EyeSight suite of driver assist systems.

“With the aim of making Subaru different from other brands, we will further hone the distinctive qualities that make a Subaru a Subaru, maintaining the unique attributes our customers have come to expect. At the same time, as we work to fulfill our social responsibilities, including the protection of the global environment, we will leverage Subaru’s unique character and technological innovation to contribute to the creation of a carbon-free society,” said Subaru president Tomomi Nakamura.