Silence isn’t golden, at least not where Carlos Ghosn is concerned. The former chairman and CEO of Nissan has spoken again about his ex-company, saying that it will go bankrupt within two to three years, as Reuters reports.

The prediction was made last year in a series of conversations with his defense attorney about his arrest and prosecution. Ghosn, who was facing charges of financial misconduct in Japan and was under house arrest, made a spectacular escape from Japan to Lebanon in December. He gave a lengthy press conference earlier this month, saying he fled because he didn’t think he would have a fair and speedy trial.

In the latest round, Nobuo Gohara, a former prosecutor who also is a vocal critic of Japan’s justice system, revealed that which Ghosn had said. “He told me that Nissan will probably go bankrupt within two to three years,” Gohara said. He added that Ghosn did not offer details on why Nissan would run into financial difficulties. Azusa Momose, a spokeswoman for Nissan, declined to comment on the matter.

Gohara said he met with Ghosn five times over a two-month period just before Ghosn made his escape. The interviews were for a book Gohara planned to publish before Ghosn’s trial began, but now unlikely to happen. The lawyer said Ghosn had given permission to disclose the details of their conversations.

Ghosn was arrested in November 2018, and spent approximately 108 days behind bars before being freed on bail last year under strict conditions, such as not being able to communicate with his wife and only being allowed to use a computer in his lawyer’s office.

He has been accused of under-reporting his income, using Nissan to shoulder personal investment losses, and other acts of financial misconducts. Ghosn has denied the charges leveled against him.