The latest production halts to result from the coronavirus pandemic are at Fiat Chrysler production plants in Kragujevac, Serbia and in Tychy, Poland, which sees the group of companies suspending production at most of its European manufacturing plants, FCA said in a statement today.

The production facilites in Serbia and Poland will suspend operations through March 27, and join the list of FCA facilities where production has been paused in Italy, which include Melfi, G. Vico (Pomigliano), Cassino, Miraflori Carrozzerie, Grugliasco and Modena.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reiterated in its statement that it has been ‘proactively modifying production protocols’ at several plants, including enhancing social distancing between employees at workstations, as well as having increased cleaning and sanitisation plus other improvements for employee safety, it said.

Ferrari has decided to suspend operations at Maranello and Modena, following its initial decision to continue factory operations despite an Italy-wide lockdown

This temporary suspension enables the group of companies to “effectively respond to the interruption in market demand by ensuring the optimisation of supply,” it said in its statement, adding that it will enable the Group to commence production once market conditions allow it.

Italy has been the European nation worst hit by the Covid-19 coronavirus, which continues to spread around the world. Major annual motor shows have been cancelled (Geneva) and postponed (New York and Beijing), while parts supply has also been affected for carmakers from India to South Korea.

Where a reduction or halting of production is a result not directly because of the coronavirus outbreak, falling demand is due to a weak economy which isn’t helped by the virus, which is what is currently faced by Jaguar Land Rover at two of its factories in the United Kingdom.