Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger goes Lego

Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger goes Lego

If you live your life a quarter brick at a time, the Lego Technic build of Dom’s Dodge Charger R/T from the Fast and Furious movie series is the set of plastic bricks for you. Comprising of 1,077 pieces, this Technic set replicates the movie car that was destroyed, rebuilt, repaired and destroyed again – that car has more lives than a cat.

The V-8 with supercharger is replicated in Lego and can be displayed with the opening bonnet (hood for those of you who speak American.) The pistons also move as does the steering and a pair of NoS bottles are in the boot (trunk, again, for those of you who speak American) for those who need a boost.

The Dodge Charger R/T set also includes a wheelie bar and reproduces the real life car’s double wishbone suspension. “The high-octane action of the Fast & Furious franchise has captured the hearts and imaginations of petrol-heads the world over,” said set designer Samuel Tacchi.

“Brought together by that same passion, we worked really closely with the Universal team to bring Dom’s Dodge Charger to life in the most minute detail to inspire Fast & Furious fans and LEGO Technic builders around the world,” Tacchi said. The Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger R/T is listed as set #42111 and measures 39 cm long by 16 cm wide and 11 cm high.

Priced at 99.99 USD (RM432) on the Lego website, pre-orders are now being taken for a scheduled April 27 delivery. You have to buy this set, because of family.

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  • Brian on Mar 31, 2020 at 11:59 am

    At least this looks like a proper well designed LEGO car and not that hideous jumble pile of a 911 GT3.

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