Kia Promise – extension on eligible warranty repairs, no impact from missed vehicle servicing due to MCO

With all car showrooms and service centres in the country now closed until April 14 as a result of the movement control order (MCO), no one is able to send their cars for servicing, and many will be wondering if a delay in the routine maintenance service schedule will have an impact on any warranty claims down the line, should these crop up.

Naza Kia Malaysia says this will not be the case, and has announced a programme called Kia Promise to reassure its customers that the MCO won’t affect after-sales aspects. The company says that all existing warranties will remain valid even if preventive maintenance service cannot be performed during the MCO.

The programme also covers customers whose vehicle warranty ends during the duration of the MCO as well as those who are unable to get warranty repairs performed on their vehicle during the period. The company said that the Promise programme will provide for all eligible warranty repairs until June.

According to info from its service division, all customers will be given an additional grace period of two-months or 2,000 km (in moderation) beyond the standard six-month or 10,000 km service interval to service their vehicle following the end of the MCO.