The 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3 has been almost two years in the making, and its cameo appearance in a TV commercial earlier in January suggests that the Motorsport division-developed car will soon make its debut. For those who want all the performance without the attendant large, fixed rear wing, a Touring version is in the works, as seen here.

In place of the large rear aerofoil on the regular GT3, the Touring employs the retractable item from the mainstream Carrera models, paired here with the wider bodywork and the GT3-specific rear bumper which now houses a more finished rear diffuser that should also be shared with the bewinged GT3.

Rolling stock for the GT3 Touring unit here is a set of centre-locking wheels similar in design to those seen on the GT3 in the TV commercial spot, which are double-spoke units with a straighter, less sculpted design than on the 991-generation GT3.

As with the Touring package version of the facelifted, 991-generation model, the 992-generation GT3 Touring is expected to carried over the powertrain and chassis from the regular GT3, with the naturally-aspirated horizontally-opposed six-cylinder engine tipped to remain at the 4.0 litre capacity, though with peak power uprated to around 550 hp and driving the rear wheels exclusively.

The Touring is also expected to remain six-speed manual-only, while the regular GT3 could get both, as per 991-generation facelift. As with the 991-generation Speedster, the 992 GT3’s engine is also likely to incorporate petrol particulate filters to help it pass ever-tightening emissions regulations.

If the 991-generation car’s upholstery is benchmarked, the upcoming GT3 Touring is also likely to substitute the more overtly sporting trim for more classic materials, such as replacing Alcantara on various control surfaces – such as on the steering wheel, gearlever, console storage lid and door trim with smooth leather.

According to our sources, the 992-generation GT3 is expected to make its debut in the Northern Hemisphere autumn of this year, with this Touring version to follow suit a few months after that, either at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2021. Which looks better on the GT3, dear readers? Wing, or no wing?

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