992 Porsche 911 GT3 appears in TV commercial spot

992 Porsche 911 GT3 appears in TV commercial spot

When the Super Bowl rolls around, it appears customary for automakers to take commercial spots around the annual American Football championship game. Most are funny, some are extravagant, and in the case of Porsche this year the German sports car maker took the opportunity to plant a little ‘Easter egg’ in the form of its yet-to-be launched 992-generation 911 GT3.

Starting from the car’s rear end, which is first sighted in the TV ad spot, the 992’s tail lamps are topped by the obligatory large rear wing in traditional GT3 form, though in this latest form the rear aero aid on the cameo unit atop the ducktail spoiler appears to be even larger than on the previous, 991-generation car with enlarged end plates, and here also appears to be sitting on slender mounts as on its RS sibling.

The profile view of the forthcoming sports car also shows its centre-locking wheels, which appear here to be a somewhat similar Y-spoke design albeit with less sculpting on the 991-generation cars. As the view tracks to the front end of the 992 GT3, we can see that this car’s front bumper features larger versions of the squared intakes from the mainstream Carrera variants, with a larger front splitter.

Despite the aggressive aerodynamic bodywork, there’s some in reserve for the forthcoming RS version; the 992 GT3 does without the side air intakes and the front wheelarch vents of the RS, which is typically also wears wider bodywork than the ‘standard’ GT3.

In terms of powertrain, the naturally aspirated flat-six is expected to pack at least 520 hp from a 4.0 litre displacement, and both six-speed manual as well as PDK dual-clutch transmissions will be offered. Later on, there will also be a less track-focused Touring variant without the large rear wing to go with the fully adorned GT3, which has also been sighted running tests.

GALLERY: 992 Porsche 911 GT3 spyshots

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