Volvo XC100 Recharge – flagship SUV due in 2024?

Volvo XC100 Recharge – flagship SUV due in 2024?

Volvo’s upcoming flagship XC100 model will reportedly take on a sleeker SUV coupe look, and according to Motor Trend, it will be designed as a super luxurious four-seater SUV.

The car won’t go on sale until 2024, but several dealers in the US have already seen a prototype of the XC100. The colossal model will rival the BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS in size, and word is the XC100 is nearly 180 mm longer and 130 mm wider than the existing XC90.

Now, the XC100 will only be introduced after the third-generation XC90 breaks cover, and the two will share the same SPA-II architecture, which is said to be significantly updated from the existing SPA platform. The report also said that SPA-II is designed to support full electric vehicles, and pointed out that the XC100 will strictly be offered as a full electric model. Its official name could even be the XC100 Recharge.

Volvo XC100 Recharge – flagship SUV due in 2024?

The rear passenger space of the XC90 Excellence

Two motors are expected to be standard on the XC100, offering electric all-wheel drive and a considerably healthy output. A large underfloor battery pack is a given, although there’s no ballpark figure on its intended range for now. If we were to guess, the WLTP range of the XC100 may likely be between 300 km to 400 km.

As a bulky, comfy SUV, the XC100 could get more pliant set of suspension, offering top levels of road comfort to go with the quieter cabin, as well as a killer set of sound system. Expect “extravagant” design inside and out, semi autonomous capabilities, and numerous state-of-the-art technologies and gadgetries.

Meanwhile, a dealer who saw the XC100 prototype said the car was “an absolute home run,” while another described it as the “XC90, Range Rover, and Rolls-Royce Cullinan all in one.” The estimated starting price is US$85,000 (RM368k).

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