SPIED: Mercedes-Benz EQA testing with less disguise

The Mercedes-Benz EQA has been sighted running road tests again, this time with a reduced version of the camouflage foil worn on a development unit featured in the automaker’s teaser in February. Going by the matching registration plates, this would be that exact unit.

The latest state of camouflage on the EQA does away with the foil on most of the exterior, save for the front end from the leading edges of the front wheelarches forwards, and on the rear end from the rear wheelarches rearwards. Though the larger EQC wears a bespoke body and interior, the EQA here appears to more closely resemble the internal-combustion H247 GLA, and the EQA’s similarities with this model can be seen in the glasshouse, doors and wheelarches.

SPIED: Mercedes-Benz EQA testing with less disguise

There will certainly be visual cues to distinguish the all-electric EQA from the GLA, however, and these will include new headlamps, a more aerodynamic front bumper that may draw styling cues from the larger EQC, while at the back, the rear license plate has been relocated downwards to the bumper, and new tail lamps will feature here as well, most likely a full-width unit like the one on the EQC.

Where technical details for the EQA are concerned, Mercedes-Benz is still playing its cards close to the chest, though the smallest EQ model yet is expected to have a driving range of up to 480 km, not far from the 500 km figure rumoured for the slightly larger EQB, which itself is a fully-electric model fashioned after the X247 GLB.

As both the EQA and EQB are built upon the MFA2 architecture, powertrain options for the two models are likely to share some common ground. So far, the EQA has been tipped for a debut later this year.

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