Honda’s Suzuka factory has seen an explosion and two injured workers were sent to the hospital with burns, Japanese police said yesterday, reported by Reuters.

According to an officer from the prefectural police, the explosion at a switchboard occurred at around 9:15 am local time in the Mie prefecture factory. Two workers in their 20s who were checking the switchboard were injured. A Honda spokesman said the carmaker is investigating the incident.

One of Honda’s major domestic production plants, the Suzuka factory produces cars such as the popular N-Box kei car series. A company spokesman said the plant would be operating as usual today.

It’s another minor glitch for Honda production after the company was hit by a suspected cyber attack last week. That forced Honda to suspend some of its car and motorcycle production globally, and locations such as USA, Turkey, India and Brazil were affected. A spokesman said that Honda suspected ransomware hit the company’s internal servers.