The Road Transport Department (JPJ) first introduced its JPJeBid online vehicle number plate bidding system in April last year that is meant to provide greater transparency, as a bidder can see his ranking in real time without human intervention. Previously, these special or unique number plate series were handled by NGOs, so not all revenue goes to the JPJ.

Fast forward two years (and rollouts to other states later), the department has now revealed collection figures with the system in place, which amounted to RM110,289,072 over 97 number plate series up until now. This works out to an average of RM1,137,001 per series.

In 2019, 54 number plate series were opened for tender via JPJeBid, with a total haul of RM61,962,724, or an average of RM1,147,458 per series. As for 2020, 43 number plate series have been issued so far and the department has collected RM48,326,348, or an average of RM1,123,869 per series.

The most recent is the SYG series that netted the JPJ RM3.4 million from five days of online bidding, which the department says was RM100,254 higher than the ALL series from last year. The latest number plate series now open for tender is VEV, which is now available on JPJeBid from June 18 to 22.