In July, the Suzuki Jimny – which is not just current, but high in demand globally as well – got pulled in Europe. The reason was because the little 4×4 dragged down the brand’s fleet average CO2 emissions in the continent.

Suzuki found a loophole, but the way around it involves some sacrifices. The fourth-generation Jimny is now back on sale in Europe, but as a light commercial vehicle. According to Autocar, by homologating the Jimny as an LCV, it is subject to a less stringent European Union fleet average target figure (147 g/km versus 95 g/km for passenger cars), which will help the carmaker reduce potential European Union fines.

So, what’s changed? Nothing mechanically, so the Jimny continues with the K15B 1.5 litre naturally-aspirated VVT engine with 102 hp/130 Nm, paired to a five-speed manual. The 1,090 kg Suzy is of course a serious off-roader, and under the boxy shell is a three-link rigid axle suspension and part-time “Allgrip Pro” AWD with low-range transfer gear.

The changes are all inside, where the two rear seats have been removed, making the LCV Jimny a two-seater. Now, there’s a flat cargo area with 863 litres of space, 33 litres more than before. A safety partition blocks cargo from making its way into the cockpit.

The safety features found in the four-seat European Jimny remain – Dual Sensor Brake Support with automatic emergency braking, hill hold and descent control and the eCall emergency assist function are all standard. No mention of price, but the previous passenger version started from £15,370 (RM83,019) in the UK.

Before Covid-19 delayed many plans, there was news coming out from India saying that Jimny production would start in May 2020 at Maruti Suzuki’s factory in Gujarat, with the bulk of it for exports. This was to support the sole Japanese plant making the 4×4, which is working at full stretch. There was also talk of a five-door version of the Jimny.

Earlier this year, there were rumours of Suzuki making a comeback in Malaysia, having exited our market in 2016. Hit the link to recap that, and then proceed to be amused by the Jimny masquerading as a Little G-Wagen and Little Defender.

GALLERY: Suzuki Jimny in Indonesia