There’s plenty to get excited about the Proton X50. As shown by its reveal earlier this week, it’s well kitted, and there’s lots of gloss to how things are presented. Specifications of the four variants (Standard, Executive, Premium and Flagship) that will be available for the SUV have been fleshed out, and really, the big question left on everyone’s minds – besides how it drives – is this: how much will it cost?

Now, prices haven’t been released or disclosed at this point, but it looks like someone has chosen to offer a presumption of things as fact. A rumoured price list supposedly listing out the expected on-the-road prices of the four X50 variants has been circulating about, and states that prices for the X50 will start from RM75,800 for the baseline 1.5T Standard all the way up to RM104k for the range-topping Flagship.

The presence of this has triggered a response from the national carmaker, which is calling the document out – in a Facebook post, the company clarified that the rumoured price list that is being circulated is fake. It added that all relevant information will eventually be presented via the company’s social media pages or its website.

So, everyone will have to just wait patiently until prices are revealed. That doesn’t stop you from placing a booking for one, because the order books for the SUV opened yesterday. Be quick if you want one with SST exemption, because the company says it is capable of delivering 8,000 units this year.

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