W223 Mercedes S-Class on sale in Europe, fr RM470k

W223 Mercedes S-Class on sale in Europe, fr RM470k

Pricing for the all-new W223 Mercedes-Benz S-Class has finally been revealed. In Europe, the flagship tristar sedan is priced from 96,094 euros (RM470k) for the entry-level S 350 d, and goes up to 117,786 euros (RM575k) for the top S 500 4Matic variant.

Dubbed the “best car in the world,” the seventh-generation S-Class gets a raft of cutting edge technologies, such as multibeam LED headlights with the optional Digital Light, huge 11.9-inch LCD infotainment display that’s upgradable to the 12.8-inch portrait OLED panel, twin 11.1-inch rear entertainment system, as well as a 7.0-inch Android tablet which can be docked into the rear centre armrest.

Other niceties include a 64-colour ambient lighting system that comprises 250 LED modules, offering a much brightly lit cabin compared to the 40 LEDs from the outgoing model. There’s also a range-topping 4D Burmester surround sound system with 1,750 watts of power and 31 speakers.

Currently, there are five variants of the W223 S-Class on sale in Europe. The base S 350 d is powered by the OM656 straight-six turbodiesel, making 286 PS and 600 Nm of torque. A 4Matic all-wheel drive variant is also available, above which sits the S 400 d 4Matic with 330 PS and 700 Nm from the same mill.

On the petrol side, the S 450 4Matic and S 500 4Matic draws power from the same M256 3.0 litre straight-six engine. In the S 450, it makes 367 PS and 500 Nm, whereas the S 500 gets 435 PS and 520 Nm of torque. Both models get a 48-volt ISG that supplies power to a secondary electric compressor, which delivers an additional 22 PS and 250 Nm of accelerative boost. A mild-hybrid V8, as well as a PHEV model with up to 100 km of all-electric range will be introduced soon.

Notable drive technologies include the E-Active Body Control suspension (replaces the Magic Body Control) and rear-wheel steering, the latter offering up to 10 degrees of steering angle. The S-Class also gets Road Surface Scan, Active Parking Assist, the world’s first rear frontal airbag (optional), and Pre-Safe Impulse Side (raises ride height by up to 80 mm in a side collision). Mercedes says the S-Class will get Level 3 hands-free driving in 2021, and Level 4 autonomous parking in the future.

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