Perodua Aruz – no more Amazon Green colour option

A reader tipped us on the discontinuation of the Amazon Green colour option for the Perodua Aruz, and a call to a Perodua sales rep confirmed this. With green out of the picture, it leaves Aruz buyers with Ivory White, Granite Grey, Glittering Silver and Electric Blue as the four choices.

Usually, a car manufacturer will phase out a colour if it’s not popular. That makes sense, as with every business out there. However, we’ve noticed that Amazon Green has been a rather laku option among Aruz buyers (what do you think, correct us if we’re wrong), and it was also the “hero colour” or communications colour when the seven-seater was launched in early 2019.

If it’s not due to lack of takers, it might be the streamlining of paint colours by Perodua. Amazon Green is an Aruz-exclusive colour that’s not shared with any other P2 model, so discontinuing it might reduce costs. This is just speculation of course, but what happened recently to the other unique colours such as Mystical Purple (Myvi-only) and Peppermint Green (Myvi 1.3-only)? They were discontinued in July when the Myvi was refreshed for 2020.

As Perodua makes the Toyota Rush together with the Aruz in Rawang, this development might also mean the end of the Dark Green Metallic option for the Rush.

GALLERY: Perodua Aruz 1.5 Advance

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