Proton X70 in Pakistan: wait list reportedly up to nine months, dealers charging over MSRP to “jump queue”

It seems like the Proton X70 is off to a rather good start in Pakistan. According to Proton distributor Al-Haj Automotive, its management has received several complaints from prospective customers who were unable to place a booking for the Malaysian C-segment SUV.

“We strongly condemn and discourage such activities as asking for “Own Money” or “Premium” and would take strict disciplinary action against those found guilty,” the company said in a statement. Apparently, all CBU X70 units have been snapped up, and unscrupulous dealers are allegedly charging customers extra to “expedite” the delivery process.

Some customers even said that dealers are deliberately charging customers above the recommended retail price, but exactly how much remains unknown for now. The dealers also reportedly said the wait list is at least six months long, although several customers have been told to wait until September 2021. To combat this, Al-Haj Automotive urged customers to lodge their complaints to appointed representatives in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

To recap, there are currently two variants of the CBU X70 on sale, starting with the entry-level Executive AWD variant at Rs 4,890,000 (RM123,372), and the Premium 2WD at Rs 5,390,000 (RM135,987). Both models are fully imported from Malaysia.

However, unlike Malaysian units, the X70 models sold in Pakistan will all be powered by the X50’s 1.5 TGDi three-cylinder engine, offering 177 PS and 255 Nm of torque. This is to take advantage of the country’s tax structure, which favours smaller engines. Dipping under 1,500 cc allows Proton to price the X70 much more competitively in the market, and the demand shows. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is standard.

Moving forward, Al-Haj Automotive will be introducing locally-assembled versions (built in Karachi, in the plant that it owns) of the X70, which is tipped to roll out in the first quarter of 2021. That will bring prices down a fair bit – the X70 Executive CKD will be priced at Rs 4,690,000 (RM118,326), while the Premium will cost Rs 4,990,000 (RM125,895).

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