Joining in the festivities at the first-ever virtual-only Tokyo Auto Salon is Honda, which will showcase a few customised cars at this year’s event. The company is bringing its A-game with adorable concept versions of four of its cutest models.

Two of these have been developed in-house, the first being the Fit e:HEV Crosstar Custom, based on the latest Japanese-market fourth-generation Jazz. Inspired by the CT125 Hunter Cub trail bike, designers have taken the SUV-styled Crosstar variant and added even more rugged touches, and the result is what Honda calls “urban outdoor style.”

The changes include a new front bumper with circular perforations for the grille and air intake, plus large round driving lights at each corner. You’ll also find steel wheels with oversized Toyo Open Country all-terrain tyres, door decals, a Yakima roof-mounted cargo basket (replete with beefy plastic boxes) and a matte beige paint finish to complete the look.

But while the Crosstar Custom is undoubtedly an interesting show car (and undoubtedly serve as inspiration for owners), it pales in comparison to the next car on the list. That would be the N-Van Custom “3rd Place Van”, which serves as a mobile cafe of sorts, based on the N-Van Custom kei van.

Why “3rd Place”? No one knows for sure, but what we do know is that the car will come with lots of cool little details. The exterior is covered in what looks like riveted metal panels in a pleasing brushed finish, augmented with amber roof-mounted lights. It again rides on steel wheels.

Honda has also added a roof rack with an extendable red-and-white awning, as well as a few lightbulbs hanging from the tailgate. The interior isn’t fully visible here, but you can expect a neon signboard and a trendy coffee-making stand that takes advantage of the N-Van’s lack of a fixed B-pillar – perfect for making your next Instagram-friendly latte.

The company’s accessories division, Honda Access, has also created motorsports-themed vehicles out of the two most unlikely models, the Honda e electric hatch and the N-One kei car. The former will take the form of a drag car – yes, a 154 PS electric dragster – with twin front bucket seats, a rear seat delete and custom wheels and suspension.

As for the N-One, Access is converting it into a hillclimb car, adding a new front grille, bumpers, bonnet, fenders and tailgate spoiler, along with mechanical modifications that include wheels, suspension and an exhaust muffler. Inside, the changes will be limited to a roll cage.