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  • Honda e-Drag, N-One K-Climb revealed at TAS 2021

    Having teased its two concepts for the virtual-only 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month, Honda Access has finally released images of the cars in full. With its Honda e-Drag and N-One K-Climb, the accessories arm imagines race cars based on two of the least likely H brand models.

    We’ll start with the e-Drag, which, as the name suggests, makes a drag car out of the Honda e. Yes, it’s a 154 PS electric hatch that wants to go racing, but it does have a bit of help in that regard. No, you don’t get any more oomph from the 315 Nm motor, although you do get a carbon fibre roof to reduce weight.

    The company says it’s looking to expand the amount of body panels made using the composite material, including a single-piece front moulding to replace the bumper, grille, bonnet and fenders. The e-Drag is also fitted with M&H drag radials, mounted on Championship White 17-inch seven-spoke alloy wheels from the iconic NA2 NSX-R. The suspension has also been upgraded for this application.

    Inside, the e-Drag has been stripped of its carpeting, rear seats and most of the plastic panels. In their place is a full roll cage, twin Kirkey bucket seats and Simpson four-point harnesses. Interestingly, the car retains the donor car’s dashboard and door panels, including the bank of screens, side-view camera displays, two-spoke steering wheel and faux wood trim.

    The N-One K-Climb continues the lightweight theme, this time being developed for hillclimb events. Again, an ultra-cute 64 PS kei car isn’t going to scorch the tarmac, but the additions are covetable all the same. Starting with an RS front-wheel-drive manual as a base, the K-Climb adds a smattering of carbon panels that include the bonnet, grille and bumpers, plus fender extensions made from ABS plastic.

    The design of the bodykit is new and is likely to preview the Modulo X version of the latest N-One (the side skirts you see here are from that kit). The offset Honda badge at the front is reminiscent of the 1983 City Turbo II, commonly referred to as the Bulldog – a fact acknowledged by the hilariously crass “English” graphics on the car, which also misspells resin as “regin”.

    Not that the liveries on both these cars are permanent – Honda Access is holding a vote for the finalised colour schemes on its special microsite, so expect some changes later on. Other items fitted to the K-Climb are 15-inch Modulo alloys wrapped in Yokohama Advan Flava rubber, HKS Hipermax Max IV SP adjustable suspension, a HKS centre-exit exhaust muffler and a bolt-in roll cage.

    GALLERY: Honda e-Drag

    GALLERY: Honda N-One K-Climb

  • Honda to showcase custom Jazz Crosstar, N-Van cafe, e electric drag car and N-One hillclimb car at TAS 2021

    Joining in the festivities at the first-ever virtual-only Tokyo Auto Salon is Honda, which will showcase a few customised cars at this year’s event. The company is bringing its A-game with adorable concept versions of four of its cutest models.

    Two of these have been developed in-house, the first being the Fit e:HEV Crosstar Custom, based on the latest Japanese-market fourth-generation Jazz. Inspired by the CT125 Hunter Cub trail bike, designers have taken the SUV-styled Crosstar variant and added even more rugged touches, and the result is what Honda calls “urban outdoor style.”

    The changes include a new front bumper with circular perforations for the grille and air intake, plus large round driving lights at each corner. You’ll also find steel wheels with oversized Toyo Open Country all-terrain tyres, door decals, a Yakima roof-mounted cargo basket (replete with beefy plastic boxes) and a matte beige paint finish to complete the look.

    But while the Crosstar Custom is undoubtedly an interesting show car (and undoubtedly serve as inspiration for owners), it pales in comparison to the next car on the list. That would be the N-Van Custom “3rd Place Van”, which serves as a mobile cafe of sorts, based on the N-Van Custom kei van.

    Why “3rd Place”? No one knows for sure, but what we do know is that the car will come with lots of cool little details. The exterior is covered in what looks like riveted metal panels in a pleasing brushed finish, augmented with amber roof-mounted lights. It again rides on steel wheels.

    Honda has also added a roof rack with an extendable red-and-white awning, as well as a few lightbulbs hanging from the tailgate. The interior isn’t fully visible here, but you can expect a neon signboard and a trendy coffee-making stand that takes advantage of the N-Van’s lack of a fixed B-pillar – perfect for making your next Instagram-friendly latte.

    The company’s accessories division, Honda Access, has also created motorsports-themed vehicles out of the two most unlikely models, the Honda e electric hatch and the N-One kei car. The former will take the form of a drag car – yes, a 154 PS electric dragster – with twin front bucket seats, a rear seat delete and custom wheels and suspension.

    As for the N-One, Access is converting it into a hillclimb car, adding a new front grille, bumpers, bonnet, fenders and tailgate spoiler, along with mechanical modifications that include wheels, suspension and an exhaust muffler. Inside, the changes will be limited to a roll cage.

  • Toyota’s TRD, Modellista reveal exhibits for virtual Tokyo Auto Salon – custom GR Yaris, Supra, Mirai star

    Next month’s Tokyo Auto Salon may be moving to a virtual-only platform due to the coronavirus pandemic, but carmakers are still preparing their exhibits for the Japanese tuner show. Toyota’s customisation brands, TRD and Modellista, have revealed the cars they will be showcasing at the event, fitted with parts that end-users will be able to purchase from dealers and standalone stores.

    Starting on the TRD side, the company will display the latest GR Parts for the GR Supra, consisting of a new strut brace and performance damper set that is claimed to improve steering stability and ride comfort, along with a valved sports exhaust muffler. The new components join the existing dress-up parts that include front and rear bumper spoilers, side skirts, door inserts and rear spoiler.

    Also present will be the GR Parts version of the GR Yaris, which gets a full bodykit, an extended rear spoiler, a sports muffler with quad tailpipes and carbon fibre-look interior parts. The 86 TRD Griffon Concept, which lapped the Tsukuba Circuit in less than a minute in 2014, also looks to be featured.

    As for Modellista, the new Mirai hydrogen-powered sedan will make an appearance, fitted with a front spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper spats and a body-coloured bumper garnish, plus chrome trim for the wing mirrors and door handles. The company will also show the Yaris Cross and will give people the opportunity to view the Mirai and Harrier in augmented reality using a smartphone.

    GALLERY: Toyota GR Supra with GR Parts

    GALLERY: Toyota GR Yaris with GR Parts
    GALLERY: Toyota 86 TRD Griffon Concept 014
    GALLERY: Toyota Mirai with Modellista parts
    GALLERY: Toyota Yaris Cross with Modellista parts
    GALLERY: Toyota Harrier with Modellista parts

  • Daihatsu reveals cute concepts for Tokyo Auto Salon – roadster Hijet Jumbo and Copen; modded Taft, Thor

    Even though the 2021 Tokyo Auto Salon will be a virtual event due to the Covid-19 pandemic, that has not stopped automakers from showing off their custom creations. One such company is Daihatsu, which has prepared five unique vehicles for the show, all of them being weird and fun at the same time.

    The cars are part of a display called the Daihatsu Village Colourful Carnival, and we kick things off with the Hijet Jumbo Sportza Ver. Based on the company’s commercial pick-up truck with the Jumbo extended cab, the show car gets its roof chopped off to give it a roadster look.

    A sport front fascia and tiny windshield accompanies the infinite headroom, while occupants get a pair of sport seats and proper rollover protection hoops. You’ll still get a sizeable cargo bed around back, while other cues include a lowered ride height; red, six-spoke wheels and side exhausts.

    For those who prefer an intact roof, Daihatsu has also created the Hijet Jumbo Camper Ver, which sports a cute face at the front, bright paintwork, a prominent roof rack, a tent over the cargo bed and wheels that resemble steelies.

    Moving on to something sportier, there’s the Copen Spyder Ver that is based on the Copen Cero. Like the Hijet Jumbo Sportza Ver, the two-door coupe gets converted into a roadster and features a shortened windscreen, six-spoke wheels, no folding roof and no front fog lamps.

    The fourth model in the line-up is the Taft Crossfield Ver, which amps up the ruggedness of the regular “Tough & Almighty Fun Tool.” Features here include an increased ride height, chunky off-road tyres, flared wheel arches, a roof rack, a front brush bar and tow hooks.

    Lastly, we have the Thor Premium Ver with D-Sport that appears to emphasise presence with its teal and silver paint job. This is coupled to large wheels that fill up the arches, along with a bold body kit made up side skirts, bumper lips and a roof spoiler.


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