The day has finally arrived. Perodua will be officially taking the covers off the Ativa D55L SUV for the first time, and it’s happening tonight at 8 pm. Want to know how to tune in?

UPDATE: The Perodua Ativa has finally been launched! Prices range from RM61,500 to RM71,200 on-the-road without insurance. Read the full launch story here.

Well, there are several places for you to watch the stream. You can either click here to watch the livestream on Perodua’s website, or watch the whole thing on the Perodua or Facebook pages. And once you’re done with the livestream, be sure to come back here for the full details of the SUV.

Is it really called the Ativa? Are they priced between RM62,500 and RM73,400? All will be answered, soon. You can expect the usual editorial coverage, plus a massive gallery detailing the car and a number of videos for your viewing pleasure. So, see you later!

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