Volvo Cars to be fully electric by 2030, no ICE & PHEVs

Volvo Cars to be fully electric by 2030, no ICE & PHEVs

Over the past few years, Volvo has shown that it is a company that cares for Mother Nature and its inhabitants. The reason for hard limiting the top speed of its cars to 180 km/h wasn’t because it wanted to prevent people from driving too fast and dying, but rather to start an in-depth dialogue about speeding. Humans aren’t programmed to comprehend speed at a high level, Volvo said.

Now, following the launch of the Volvo C40 Recharge, the automaker is announcing its pledge to go fully electric by 2030. At the turn of the new decade, the Swedish automaker will only sell EVs and phase out any car in its global portfolio with an internal combustion engine, including hybrids.

The move is part of its ambitious climate plan to reduce the life cycle carbon footprint per car, that is from a vehicle’s manufacturing phase to the day it’s scrapped. But there’s a bit of a conundrum. In September last year, a study conducted by Polestar found that manufacturing the Polestar 2 created 24 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents), compared to the 14 tonnes created when manufacturing an XC40 with an ICE.

This is an irrefutable fact, because the bulk of the CO2 emissions come from producing the battery pack. However, the study also showed that there are breakeven points, and that the initial CO2e deficit can be made up over many years of active use. Read more on that, here.

Volvo Cars to be fully electric by 2030, no ICE & PHEVs

The next XC90 will likely still get an ICE, but it will be the last

Another step that contributes to Volvo’s climate neutral plan is to change the way customers purchase its pure electric cars. From now on, electric Volvos can only be purchased online through its website, where customers can choose specifically the features they want (which will be made to order), or simply purchase a pre-tailored model. This frees up the logistical chain of emissions, and customers get a convenient purchasing experience with transparent pricing.

Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said: “To remain successful, we need profitable growth. So instead of investing in a shrinking business, we choose to invest in the future – electric and online. We are fully focused on becoming a leader in the fast-growing premium electric segment.”

Company chief technology officer, Henrik Green added that “there is no long-term future for cars with an internal combustion engine. We are firmly committed to becoming an electric-only car maker and the transition should happen by 2030. It will allow us to meet the expectations of our customers and be a part of the solution when it comes to fighting climate change.”

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  • seancorr (Member) on Mar 03, 2021 at 2:36 pm

    Looks like Volvo Malaysia will have scale down their plans to expand in Malaysia lol. Did the principle even consult with their dealers in developing nations prior to announcing their plans to go full EV?

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    • kadajawi on Mar 03, 2021 at 4:19 pm

      Wiser to buy Perodua Ativa petrol now and change to Volvo EV in 2030..

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  • Volvo Geely Lotus > All

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  • tricycle on Mar 03, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    Ok bye2 Volvo. Unfortunately in Malaysia the facility is not there for you to offer the fully EV car.

    Second thing, after 5 years with is the condition of the battery. How much does it cost to replace it.

    Let say you want to go to Penang or Alor Star, from JB, you might want to stop a little bit longer than your friends who is driving ICE, for you to charge your car.

    And if you forget to recharge your car the night before the long journey trip, then you might need few longer stop just to charge your car. If let say many cars are in line to charge them cars, the wait might be even longer.

    Judging from the price of hybrid car on “easy” app. The c350e, the 330e, jazz hybrid, the resale value drop so much compared to their non-hybrid siblings.

    However this EV cars are really good for city driving. Would suggest government to only allow EV car entering the KL city center. ICE or hybrid car owners should park their car at the outcircuit of KL city center, and take a Grab EV or any EV transporter. That way, it might make KL cooler, and please do plant more trees. Make KL city center a city in the park.

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  • AFMGT youtube on Mar 03, 2021 at 3:31 pm

    Good riddance ICE cars..

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  • truth on Mar 03, 2021 at 3:59 pm

    the fact is EV technology for real world usage is limited, 2030 is too near, the technology should improve further (faster charge time, better mileage and price factor) before its pushed to general public and wide scale usage, clean and efficient ICE and hybrids is the best option for now

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  • Casual reader on Mar 03, 2021 at 5:38 pm

    But then what would be Polestars role in Geely group?

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  • klguy on Mar 03, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    impossible for malaysia to catch up…petrol dealers are the lawmakers in this country…..

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  • Mr. Sotong on Mar 04, 2021 at 1:09 pm

    Wow… what a way to screw your dealers in countries that are slow to adopt EVs lol….

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    • Khalid on Mar 05, 2021 at 12:15 am

      Everyone in the world knows that petroleum industry is heading towards a sunset industry including Saudi Aramco in the foreseeable future. Petronas Malaysia except LNG will find it difficult to earn much from.crude oil sales due to declining demand in coming years from the peak.

      Most first world country including Singapore had targeted EV in replacement for ICE especially Singapore ( our neighbour) had targeted to install at least 40,000 EV chargers throughout the country by 2025.

      So where is Malaysia? , still trap in the third world mentality but want to enjoy first world products. Petrol dealers in Malaysia are just like cinemas closing down one by one at the expense of booming home video entertainment and home Netflix .

      Due to world environmental issue , this is a global trend that EV is the only solution to stop global warming causing climate change. Those petrol dealers may still had another 20 years life span to operate but will not be passed down to the future generation presumely .( Closures) due to no ICE demands.

      We can still drive ICE but who or which manufacturers are going to.produce our ICE car spare parts when most manfacturers including from Japan, Europe , Korea and China had already left ICE car productions by then for EV?

      We can still drive our old ICE cars as long as there are available spare parts but those days are numbered when all spare parts run out just like the old saga and old wira now except getting from wreckers if available only.

      The future is already coming and we cannot ignore it. Good times for oil producing nations are coming to an end in the foreseeable future.

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