Chevron Malaysia has now launched the CaltexGO mobile application for users in the Klang Valley region, following its initial introduction earlier in April this year. This offers motorists a quicker and easier way to pay for fuel, and earn and redeem loyalty points.

While CaltexGO at launch has initially been made available only for the Klang Valley region, availability will extend to other parts of the country by the first half of next year, according to the company. The mobile app is supported on Apple iOS and Android OS devices, and is therefore available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Chevron Malaysia has placed emphasis on safety, advising its customers to use the app on their mobile devices only after their vehicle’s engine has been switched off, inside an enclosed stationary vehicle or when inside the convenience store.

To use, users will need a payment card (debit or credit card) and Journey card registered on the app, indicate the station and pump number, and then refuel their vehicle with the preferred amount. Alternatively, users may also check their BPoints balance and if there is sufficient remaining, redeem them for fuel before making payment for the final amount.

There are offers on hand to encourage the take-up of the CaltexGO mobile app. For a limited time, first-time users who pump a minimum of RM30 of fuel at Caltex will receive RM5 cashback, and another RM5 cashback for the same RM30 minimum on a subsequent visit. This is limited to two visits per user for a maximum of RM10 cashback, and this promotion ends December 31, 2021.