GALLERY: BMW iX xDrive50 Sport in Mineral White and Sophisto Grey – live photos of all-electric SUV

GALLERY: BMW iX xDrive50 Sport in Mineral White and Sophisto Grey – live photos of all-electric SUV

The BMW iX was launched in Malaysia back in August and has already attracted quite a number of buyers, with over 100 orders already recorded within the first week of its launch. Priced from RM419,630 on-the-road without insurance, the fully-imported (CBU) iX makes for a compelling purchase, although we’ll have to wait for the first units to arrive before we can get up close with one to bring you a full gallery of the electric SUV on local soil.

Thankfully, BMW has uploaded over 100 photos of the iX during an international media launch event, so you can see more of the model in two colours: Mineral White and Sophisto Grey. Both iX units you see here are in xDrive50 specification and there’s even a few shots with another BMW EV coming our way, the i4 (the car photographed is the M50 variant).

In xDrive50 guise, the iX’s powertrain features an electric motor on each axle for all-wheel drive and outputs of 523 PS (516 hp or 385 kW) and 765 Nm of torque. This allows for a 0-100 km/h time of 4.6 seconds and 200 km/h top speed, while the lithium-ion battery with a net energy capacity of 105.2 kWh (111.5 kWh gross capacity) provides up to 630 km of range.

GALLERY: BMW iX xDrive50 Sport in Mineral White and Sophisto Grey – live photos of all-electric SUV

The xDrive50 isn’t available here yet, but BMW Malaysia has said that the variant will be added on in the future. For now, we only have the base xDrive40, which also gets a dual-motor setup, but with 326 PS (322 hp or 240 kW) and 630 Nm for a 0-100 km/h time of 6.1 seconds and the same 200 km/h top speed. The battery used for the xDrive40 has less net energy capacity at 71 kWh (76.6 kWh gross capacity), resulting in a maximum range of 425 km.

In terms of charging, both variants support AC charging up to 11 kW using a Type 2 connection, with the xDrive40 requiring 7.25 hours to get from a 0-100% state of charge (SoC), while it’s 10.75 hours for the xDrive50.

With DC fast charging via a CCS2 connection, the time it takes to get from 0-80% SoC is closer, with the xDrive40 requiring 31 minutes, while the xDrive50 needs 35 minutes to do the same. This is largely due to the latter supporting DC fast charging up to 200 kW, whereas the xDrive40 can only handle up to 150 kW.

The iX cars you see in the photos are also equipped with the Sport Line exterior, which is part of the Sport package, a RM53,000 option for the xDrive40 here. With it, the iX gets sport brakes with blue brake calipers, a darker design for the lights as well as new-design front and rear fascias with black highlights, plus a chrome radiator grille graphic. If you want to know more about the Malaysian-spec iX, do check out our launch report, here.

GALLERY: I20 BMW iX xDrive50 in Mineral White

GALLERY: I20 BMW iX xDrive50 in Sophisto Grey

GALLERY: I20 BMW iX xDrive50 and G26 BMW i4 M50

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