With an expected two million vehicles a day using its highways during the peak Hari Raya Aidilfitri travel period, PLUS will be putting some measures in place to make things that bit smoother. Among the measures are setting up contraflow lanes and boosting the number of PLUSRonda patrol teams on the North South Highway.

“Among the key approaches to address traffic flow is to increase patrols of the PLUSRonda team in providing assistance to vehicles and customers stranded on the highway. During this festive season, the number of patrol teams has been increased to 520 teams to enable increased patrol frequency, especially at critical stretches,” said PLUS COO Datuk Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi

“On critical routes, PLUS is also ready to activate contraflow with the assistance of the police. Highway users are also advised to abide by the instructions given through the signages placed at the contraflow designated locations,” he added in a statement yesterday, reported by NST.

Vehicles that break down or are involved in accidents are a major cause of congestion, and PLUS’ plan is to remove such vehicles as soon as possible. Zakaria said that PLUS will place tow trucks and cranes at critical locations to facilitate and expedite the process of removing stranded vehicles, especially at climbing areas.

Also, 500 members of emergency response teams will be on standby to provide assistance during the festive period. “While the police and JPJ conduct patrols and law enforcement on highways, emergency and rescue teams such as the fire and rescue department and St John Ambulance are placed on standby at strategic toll plazas, and they will be deployed to incident locations immediately when required,” Zakaria said.

“We expect the highway to be congested and it could extend or prolong the duration of people’s travel time. PLUS has made thorough preparations and is ready to manage this traffic surge through a set of proactive approaches to help people move comfortably and safely. More information on plans at the toll plazas and rest areas will follow,” he added.

The peak balik kampung period that PLUS is looking at is from April 29 to May 9, and the advice is to go back earlier if possible.