Instant karma for emergency lane abuser on Malaysian highway – don’t cut the queue, you’re not special

We’ve all seen it, someone flouting the law and getting away with, especially when it comes to road users on Malaysian highways, more so when it comes to abusing the emergency lane. But sometimes, karma does indeed strike back, as a highway user found out while using the emergency lane to cut a long queue of Hari Raya holiday traffic.

In the TikTok video, taken from a large vehicle queueing up in a long line of traffic, a white Proton X70 is seen making its way along the highway in the emergency lane. Unbeknownst to the offending driver, directly in front of the heavy vehicle is a police highway patrol car.

The Proton X70 merrily zips past on the left, and the patrol car immediately pulls out, switching on the light bar and giving chase to the emergency lane abuser. Sometimes, there is such a thing and instant retribution and justice for wrong doers, more especially those who blatantly break the law whilst other road users obey in the interest of the common good.

Malaysian police have implemented a strict enforcement policy during the Hari Raya Puasa period, cracking down on road users misbehaving. Aside from the usual speed traps and road blocks, police are also employing drones to identify and apprehend queue jumpers, as well as GoPro cameras for surveillance and detection of offences.