2022 Perodua Alza GearUp accessories in detail – Prime bodykit at RM2,500, leather seat covers RM1,000

With the launch of the all-new, second-generation 2022 Perodua Alza and its several variants comes the GearUp accessories package for the new model, offering customers added scope for customising their new seven-seater family car purchase.

As is the way for a new Perodua model, the GearUp range of accessories for the just-launched Alza encompasses equipment for the exterior bodywork, interior trim, comfort-enhancing accessories as well as utility items that further improve the convenience factor of the Alza. There are safety and security accessories available, too.

Starting with the Prime body kit priced at RM2,500, this consists of a front and rear bumper kit as well as a rear spoiler, and is available in five colours – Vintage Brown, Elegant Black, Garnet Red, Glittering Silver and Ivory White, and the body kit can be specified for all three variants which are the AV, H and X.

Moving inside, the interior of the Alza can also be treated to a set of Prime seat covers for all three rows, and which come in a red and black two-tone colour scheme. These are made of easy-to-clean PVC, and offer added storage space courtesy of pockets on the covers for the front seats. Also available for all three variants, the seat covers are specific to the AV, H and X, and have their own part numbers for each. The set of seat covers are priced at RM1,000.

There’s more. The GearUp kit for the all-new Alza also includes illuminated scuff plates for the front and rear door sills (RM300), floor lighting for the first and second rows (RM250), coil mats (RM200), door visors (RM160), and under-bonnet insulation (RM80). There is also vibratile insulation (RM285) that can be fitted behind the door trim for improved insulation and therefore comfort.

For added utility, there’s the luggage tray (RM80), luggage mat (RM75) which goes over the second and third rows of seats, and a luggage organiser (RM37). A selection of these are available as part of a Utility Package, which consists of the luggage tray, door visors and coil mats, which are packaged together and priced at RM390.

Perodua GearUp accessories catalogue for the 2022 Alza. Click to enlarge

Mobile electronic devices are now part and parcel of our daily lives, which means some will inevitably require charging while one is on the move. Here, the GearUp catalogue also has the accessories extension wire harness (RM75) that is safer than using the wire-tap method and will not void the vehicle’s warranty.

This is a prerequisite for first-time buyers of Perodua electrical accessories, such as the digital video recorder (dashcam) at RM500. Other products in the safety equipment range include wheel lock nuts (RM200), tyre pressure monitor(RM430), and the Perodua Care ISOFIX child seat (RM680), for children aged 0-12 years old up to 36 kg and features a 360-degree rotation capability.

The comprehensive accessories list also includes items such as a 300-amp booster cable, fire extinguisher, dashboard anti-slip mat, first aid kit, multipurpose container and a leather tissue box cover. There is also the blind spot mirror, sun visor organiser, magnetic phone holder (which mounts to the air-conditioning vents), magnetic shopping bag hooks, smart tracker, door edge protectors, magnetic trap for the engine oil filter, as well as cleaning products for fuel injectors, throttle body and air-conditioning evaporator.

GALLERY: 2022 Perodua Alza AV with GearUp accessories

GALLERY: 2022 Perodua Alza GearUp catalogue