2023 Toyota Innova Zenix – next gen MPV switches from IMV platform to TNGA, to debut in Nov 2022?

2023 Toyota Innova Zenix – next gen MPV switches from IMV platform to TNGA, to debut in Nov 2022?

2022 Toyota Innova shown

There are some rumours coming out of Indonesia that we are due to see a next generation Toyota Innova launched there as early as November 2022, which is 2 months from now, and it might be called the Toyota Innova Zenix.

UPDATE: The Toyota Innova Zenix has been launched in Malaysia with pricing starting from RM165,000.

What is called the Toyota Innova in the Malaysian market is called the Toyota Kijang Innova in Indonesia. There is a top of the line variant there called the Toyota Kijang Innova Venturer, so the word Zenix might be some form of top of the line variant suffix.

Alternatively, the name of the car could be renamed to Innova Zenix or simply Zenix, just like how the Avanza Veloz eventually became just the Toyota Veloz with the latest generation.

There is a case for a significant rebranding of the product line if there are big changes. For example, the Avanza Veloz went from being built on a longitudinal engine rear wheel drive platform to a DNGA platform car with transversely mounted engine and front wheel drive, thus earning it its new Toyota Veloz name in a way.

With word that the new Toyota Innova might ditch its Hilux-based IMV underpinings for a TNGA platform, it might earn the rights for a rebranding of sorts in Indonesia. Essentially, the new Toyota Innova Zenix will end up being a three-row MPV version of the Toyota Corolla Cross.

Being built on TNGA would also mean there is chance of a hybrid variant of the Zenix, most likely the same 1.8 litre system used in the Toyota Corolla Cross hybrid. It would also be able to gain other TNGA platform benefits such as a full suite of Toyota Safety Sense driver assist features.

Toyota already sells a TNGA MPV in Indonesia – the Toyota Voxy (a Nissan Serena competitor) with sliding doors is offered there priced from Rp 574,600,000. The current gen Kijang Innova with normal doors sits under it in the product line-up but is spread across a wide price range, from Rp 369,600,000 for the basic G up to Rp 494,400,000 for the top of the line Kijang Innova Venturer.

The Veloz sits below the Kijang Innova, priced from Rp 286,000,000 for the manual up to Rp 331,100,000 for the Veloz Q CVT with Toyota Safety Sense.

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    • Civic Turbo 2018 on Sep 12, 2022 at 8:18 pm

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      Is why Nissan Serena can sell
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      If only Innova gets diesel turbo here

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  • can consider for Toyota Wish replacement

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    vios stationwagon for 6 passengers and 1 driver

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