BMW Motorrad electric bike for Malaysia market?

In a visit to BMW headquarters in Munich, Germany, JPJ Malaysia delved into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and level 3 autonomous driving. In addition, JPJ also also conducted an inspection for VTA approval for a BMW Motorrad electric motorcycle destined for the Malaysia market, likely to be the Definition CE04.

Launched in 2021, the Definition CE04 produces the equivalent of 42 hp from a 60.6 Ah (8.9 kWh) lithium-ion battery, with indicative international pricing at around RM50,000. The CE04 has a range of 130 kilometres with charging from domestic current, wallbox or public charging station taking approximately four hours and 20 minutes.

BMW Motorrad electric bike for Malaysia market?

In the four day visit, JPJ Deputy Director of Planning and Operations, Aedy Fadly Ramly tested and examined Mild Hybrid 48V technology, Autonomous Level 2+ driving and Hydrogen Fuel Cells developed by BMW, accompanied by BMW Malaysia Managing Director Hans de Visser and JPJ Automotive Engineering Department director Ir Mohd Yusop Mohamad.

JPJ also explained efforts by the department for the enforcement of 13 new UN Regulations (UNR) under the UNECE vehicle regulations coming into force in Malaysia. The regulations cover autonomous vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and others falling under the purview of the department for Vehicle Type Approval (VTA).

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