MIROS (an agency under MOT) and CyberSecurity Malaysia (an agency under the MCMC) has collaborated to publish a safety scorecard for dashcams called CamScore.

CamScore provides an initial evaluation of dashcams based on three different points – basic features, advanced features, and ADAS features. The cams are then ranked based on a score out of 5. There was no elaboration on how the scores were calculated.

The two top scorers on the list are the 70mai A800S and the 70mai A500S, both scoring 4.59 points out of 5. This was followed by the Thinkware U1000 with a 4.56 score, the 70mai M500 with a 4.53 score and the DDPAI X5 Pro with a 4.52 score.

With no elaboration on how these scores came about, it would be completely up to you if you want to refer to this list when choosing your next dashcam. For example, you might have different criteria when evaluating which dashcam to buy, such as the use of a lithium ion battery vs the use of a super capacitor for backup power as an indicator of potential longevity (no bloated battery issue with supercaps), or the availability of cloud connectivity features. These are not part of CamScore’s evaluation.

Although ADAS features are part of the scoring, yours truly personally just turns off all the ADAS features on his own dashcams because of the nature of how Malaysian drivers behave on the road. The ADAS warnings just continuously go off all the time because Malaysian traffic seems to be a constant danger zone! This is in contrast to ADAS features that come native with cars which feel a lot less panicky.

The CamScore table is missing pricing so here’s a list of some of the top dashcams listed including the pricing and a link for you to buy them online. As for installation you can either install the dashcam yourself or install it at a shop for an additional RM100-RM250 fee depending on complexity of the install process.

As 11.11 sale is coming up, this might be a good time to get one if you haven’t already. Whenever possible, we’ll use the price for the version with a rear camera included as we think rear cameras are a must have when it comes to collecting footage to use as evidence.

Lastly, for dashcams that do not come with built in storage, remember to choose the right kind of SD card to use with your dashcam.