A lot of us had a good night’s sleep last night but unfortunately this was not the case for everyone as continuous rain after midnight caused various places in Selangor to be flooded.

We have experienced many days of flash floods this week but last night’s seem to be the worst one yet. Areas affected based on social media reports include Sri Muda in Shah Alam as well as Melawis in Klang. Highway users also reported a section of KESAS flooded near Kemuning, so do check if you are headed to an affected area today.

If your route is affected by floods, delay your journey if possible and avoid forcing your way through flooded areas as it might cause considerable damage to your car.

Please make sure you have Special Perils insurance coverage add-on for your vehicle. Yes it’s optional, and you do have to specifically ask for it to be added. It will cost a little extra, but it’s a relatively small fee relative to your vehicle’s insured value, and it could prove crucial if your car gets damaged by the floods. Without Special Perils coverage, you’d be completely on your own.

If you do not have to urgently go anywhere this week it might be a good idea to work from home. Make sure you also always park your car on elevated ground, especially towards the evening.