Volkswagen ID.4 EV receives software update – now with Auto Hold, more info from ID Cockpit, bug fixes

Volkswagen ID.4 EV receives software update – now with Auto Hold, more info from ID Cockpit, bug fixes

Volkswagen will be rolling out a software update for the ID.4 fully electric SUV, which will be made available on 2021 model-year and selected 2022 model-year vehicles, the automaker has announced.

This update is the first one that is a prerequisite for features that will be enabled in the future, and vehicle owners who are eligible for these will receive formal notification when the update is available for their vehicles, said Volkswagen.

Additional information is provided in the ID. Cockpit information display through this software update, where the vehicle battery’s state of charge now gains a percentage readout in addition to the existing battery icon and range that is shown in the display.

Joining these new features is Auto Hold, essentially enabling the driver to release the brake pedal once the vehicle has come to a stop, and secures the car in place until the accelerator pedal is pressed again. This can be deactivated in a shortcut menu if desired.

The update will also show the current drive mode engaged for the vehicle, indicating whether the ID.4 is in Eco, Comfort, Sport, Custom, or Traction mode (the latter for AWD models). A trip computer that shows current driving data and ambient temperature is also added to the ID. Cockpit display.

Volkswagen ID.4 EV receives software update – now with Auto Hold, more info from ID Cockpit, bug fixes

Also added as part of the update are minor bug fixes and security improvements, said Volkswagen; future capabilities for the ID.4 will include Plug & Charge, as well as additional remote features.

For the US market, eligible ID.4 units will receive a charging routing feature native to the vehicle’s navigation system, which will be part of this software upgrade rollout. This will enable drivers of the ID.4 to filter from specific criteria, such as to view Electrify America stations specifically, or to view available stations by certain levels of charging speeds.

Here in Malaysia, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) previewed the ID.4 in October, and VPCM managing director Erik Winter said that the company is working to have the ID.4 brought to the Malaysian market as soon as possible.

Shown locally in ID.4 Pro Performance form, this configuration packs a 204 PS electric motor driving the rear wheels, fed by a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery (82 kWh gross capacity) which offers a range of up to 519 km on the WLTP test protocol. This will take up to 11 kW AC charging for a full charge in 7.5 hours, while 125 kW DC charging will enable a 5%-80% state of charge in 38 minutes.

GALLERY: Volkswagen ID.4 previewed in Malaysia

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