Setel has a new update where if you choose an electric car as your current vehicle in use, the home screen will default to EV chargers instead of petrol stations.

Previously, the app defaulted to petrol stations and you had to press the question mark icon on the top left and manually choose EV chargers to look for a charger. Setel’s database of EV chargers it can operate includes chargers from EVC’s JomCharge network. Soon, you will also be able to use ChargEV chargers from the Setel app.

Your currently selected vehicle will appear as a small icon of the manufacturer badge on the top right. To ensure you have the correct data in your app, you need to do is key in the model of vehicles you want to use under the Vehicles screen under More on the bottom left. If you’ve already setup the app to work with the ANPR parking feature, you would have already had some vehicles in your app.

All you need to do is update the vehicles to ‘Electric’ and choose what kind of charger plugs you use from a multiple choice of Type 2, CCS2 and Chademo.

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LINK: Download Setel

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