GAC Motor CKD project announced – new GS3 B-SUV, Tan Chong invests over RM60m, Segambut Q2 2024

GAC Motor CKD project announced – new GS3 B-SUV, Tan Chong invests over RM60m, Segambut Q2 2024

Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) and WTC Automotif (WTCA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Warisan TC Holdings (a Tan Chong Group company) today announced a CKD local assembly programme worth over RM60 million. This is GAC’s first CKD programme not just in ASEAN, but in the world.

Not many might remember, but before the current wave of Chinese OEMs, GAC made a relatively quiet entry into Malaysia with the GS3 SUV. Back in late 2021, the GS3 was a CBU unit converted to right-hand drive (with a fair bit of effort, 130 changes involved in GAC’s first RHD car) and future CKD was mentioned. Now, here we are.

The GAC CKD project will see WTCA invest over RM60 million, which will go to the manufacturing of “the brand new GAC Motor GS3 model” and setting up a nationwide presence for the brand. Part of the total sum will be used for model-specific investments such as tools and upgrades to Tan Chong’s Segambut plant in KL, which will produce the GS3.

UPDATE: According to Warisan TC CEO Tan Keng Meng, CKD production is scheduled to begin in April 2024, with sales starting in mid-2024. This is GAC’s first ever CKD project in the world.

GAC Motor CKD project announced – new GS3 B-SUV, Tan Chong invests over RM60m, Segambut Q2 2024

The first GAC CKD model will be next-generation GS3 B-segment SUV

The Guangzhou-based brand is bullish on our market, with GAC Group VP and GAC International chairman Yu Jun saying that “we will be expecting that with three to five years development, the production and sales will reach 50,000 units”.

To achieve this, GAC will “coordinate internal and external resources, increase support for the Malaysian market, accelerate the launch of key models, improve the model matrix and provide more intelligent and higher quality products local consumers,” he said.

As for the network, WTCA plans to set up over 70 showrooms across Malaysia. The first, flagship showroom is at Section 13 Petaling Jaya, near Jaya 33 and just behind the Renault showroom. This outlet will be ready in Q3 this year.

The first, flagship GAC showroom is at Section 13 PJ, behind Renault

“Over the next five years, WTCA will introduce an attractive and comprehensive inventory of right-hand drive GAC Motor models, including SUV, sedan and MPV. In addition, all-new global GAC Motor models will be simultaneously developed for both right- and left-hand drives, ensuring that Malaysian consumers receive the latest models at the same rate as other global consumers,” WTCA said in a statement.

We move on to the CKD product, which is the new GS3 that sports a much sharper and more contemporary look compared to the CBU GS3 that debut here in in 2021. WTCA says that the new GS3 will have a 1.5 litre turbo engine (current car is a 1.5L NA), a seven-speed DCT and ‘segment-leading torque’ of 270 Nm at 1,400 to 4,500 rpm. The B-SUV will also have Level 2 ADAS. Further details will be released later; no timeline was shared at today’s event. We detail the new GS3 and compare it with B-SUV rivals here.

Lastly, WTCA handed over 25 units of the current GAC GS3 to Mayflower Car Rental today. The Tan Chong Group car rental company ordered a fleet of 50 GS3 units from WTCA. Mayflower will be introducing the “All-New Adventure” leasing programme featuring the GS3, which will be available for rental from RM150 per day. What do you think of the GAC GS3, old and new?

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  • A Proud Wumao on May 11, 2023 at 12:03 pm

    China cars penetrate malaysia market so many times

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    • Pride of Yasukuni Squatters on May 12, 2023 at 11:25 am

      Agreed, reminiscent of datsun toyota mazda mitsubishi penetrated malaya too many times four decades ago

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  • newmee on May 11, 2023 at 12:09 pm

    why do all these SUV look the same recently?
    no, seriously.

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  • Tan Sri Chong on May 11, 2023 at 12:16 pm

    eventually this gonna be the bread and butter brand replacing datsun and its descendants line up by end of this century

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  • Batang Berjuntai on May 11, 2023 at 1:11 pm

    semua kereta SUV baru macam sama design je. tak unik langsung

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  • Hardly seem on the road….

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  • I am wondering why Chinese brands are more interested in investing in Malaysia compared to older brands/groups like Volkswagen and Hyundai. Do Volkswagen and Hyundai know something that Chinese brands don’t?

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    • Autodriver on May 14, 2023 at 5:40 pm

      Chinese brands are relatively weak outside domestic market and they have huge potential to grow in overseas market especially in emerging countries. Bring in ICE is first step and eventually Chinese brands are serious in EV where their EV tech already matured compare to Japanese. European and Korean act quite fast, way ahead of Japanese in EV. The next wave is Chinese brand for the next decades no matter what.

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  • Instead of revamping their current Nissan line-up. They bring in an unknown Chinese brand to Malaysians. When I say unknown I mean unknown to Malaysians. I know GAC is popular in China

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    • u should get out of the well then seek the right platform life

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    • Actually the Nissan car produced at TCMA Serendah. While this GAC produced at TCMA Segambut. Nissan car developed with TCMA while GAC car developed with WTC (Warisan Tan Chong). So both model has their own team and assembly plant. It’s not Tan Chong ditch Nissan car and focusing on GAC only ya.

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