Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Made revealed – one-of-a-kind special with unique exterior to be auctioned

Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Made revealed – one-of-a-kind special with unique exterior to be auctioned

At this year’s Monterey Car Week, Ferrari unveiled a one-of-a-kind 812 Competizione that will be auctioned at the Ferrari Gala to be held in New York City on October 17. A project by the Italian carmaker’s Tailor Made division, the car you see before you was inspired by the concept of a blank sheet, which is how the Ferrari Styling Centre starts its creative research for every new model.

The 812 Competizione is already pretty rare with just 999 units being made available for the entire world, but this one-of-one Tailor Made example is just that little bit more special. Commissioned by Ferrari North America, the car looks to be drawn on by a permanent marker at first glance.

However, the matte Nero DS Sketch markings all over its matte Giallo Tristrato body are there to highlight notable parts of the car, including the carbon-fibre blade that cuts across the horizontal plane of the front bonnet acting as an air intake for the engine.

You’ll also find markings for the side louvres as well as the vortex generators on the rear panel. The interior continues the Sharpie-like aesthetic, with design sketches embroidered into the yellow Alcantara-trimmed seats and dashboard. The interior also comes with black trilobal Superfabric for the carpet and rear wall of the passenger compartment.

“The main challenge was to seek the perfect balance between flawless technical realisation and maintaining the creative spark and artistic craftsmanship that flow from Ferrari chief design officer, Flavio Manzoni’s drawings, which provided the inspiration for this model with its unique details,” the company said in its release.

No change to the mechanical bits, with a 6.5 litre naturally-aspirated V12 providing 830 PS (818 hp or 610 kW) and 692 Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox that drives the rear wheels, enabling a 0-100 km/h time of 2.85 seconds and a top speed of 340 km/h.

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  • Ferrari doesn’t allow their customers to customize the looks of their cars and they release this?

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    • DoneSomeSeaeching on Aug 22, 2023 at 7:30 pm

      I am not sure why people keep repeating this myth. Ferrari only disallow mods if the car is still under lease, like what happened to Deadmau5 and his still on lease at the time 458.

      If Ferrari really disallow mods, why do you think companies like Mansory and Liberty Walk can still show off their heavily modded Ferraris

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      • I was being sarcastic. I just didn’t expect them to offer that somewhat gimmicky graphics. Novitec’s 812 looks cooler I think

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