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You can now use MyDebit cards to pay for KTM Komuter rides in the Klang Valley and Utara line. Debit cards are accepted on the automated gates, at the ticket counters as well as the ticket kiosks. Bear in mind that only Malaysian-issued MyDebit cards are accepted, and you’ll first have to activate the PayWave function.

Like how you do it with Touch n Go cards, tap your debit card on the card reader on the gates until you hear a beep. The screen will show “Ticket Type: Adult” dan “Have a Nice Day”.

As usual with debit card payments, there will be a pre-auth amount held for every transaction and it’s RM30. The sum will be refunded to you in one to three days time, depending on the bank.

KTM says that if the pre-auth sum can’t be obtained, the debit card will be blacklisted and the passenger will have to make a cash payment at the counter of the destination station. Note that this ‘blacklist’ is purely by KTM, and your card can still be used elsewhere.

Last month, KTM announced that Komuter Link cards will no longer be accepted as the company is in the process of upgrading its ticketing system. A new Komuter Link card will be rolled out in the future, but for now, you’ll need to get the KTMB Mobile (KITS) app and use your phone to tap in and out.

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