April Fools Day 2017 Archive

  • Honda H-Swipe – matchmaking just a (s)wipe away

    Honda has been focusing on communications quite a bit today, it seems. Aside from the Horn Emojis on the new 2018 Odyssey, the company has also developed a new Tinder-aping in-car dating app called H-Swipe – set to be available in the UK in the summer – that helps drivers find love from behind the wheel.

    Claimed to be a world-first, the technology utilises a digital windscreen to display the nearest available person to date, accrued via geolocation. The driver can use the interactive directional windscreen ‘s-wipers,’ swiping left and right to either accept or reject and move on to the next candidate. The app can only be activated when the car is stationary, such as at the traffic lights or when parked.

    Research conducted by Consumer Research UK showed that 80% of millenials struggle to find love because of a lack of time due to their “on-the-go lifestyles.” As such, Honda hopes that the app will give drivers a unique in-car experience, helping them steer themselves towards a better online dating experience.

    “We know how much time people spend in the car daily so we thought…why not use this as another opportunity to find your perfect match!” said Future Opportunity Occupational Lead, J?dan de Eipuriruf?ru. “We’re also extremely passionate about innovation at Honda, and H-Swipe, is the next step in offering our customers unrivalled experiences that fit into their busy lifestyles.”

  • Lotus Ped Lids – no pussy-footing around with safety

    British sports car maker Lotus has announced the limited introduction of Pet Lids, a new lifestyle range of stylish helmets for cats. Launched in time for spring, the Pet Lids are now available for Lotus fans, and can be ordered until noon (UK time) today.

    The automaker says the new lids are a perfect way to enhance the safety of cats for that trip to the vet or when accompanying owners on a spirited weekend drive.

    Developed by the Lotus Design team following extensive testing and hair-raising time trials, the Pet Lids have been conceived to inspire a new breed of customer, allowing them to tailor the helmets to their – and their pet’s – personal taste.

    Available in a choice of contemporary and historic colour schemes, they can be personalised – with your furry companion’s name and blood group – through the company’s increasingly popular Lotus Exclusive programme, and are a distinct alternative to an off-the-peg pet helmet.

    According to head of safety Felix Shepard, the new addition to the company’s accessories range was inspired by Clark, the Hethel factory cat. “Clark kept wanting to jump in the cars when we were track testing. As we take safety seriously, it was only proper that our furry friends should be afforded the same pedigree of protection that our drivers have.”

    Canine owners will no doubt be saddened to hear that there are no provisions for their four-legged friends, but this is where a dogged persistence in hounding for a range expansion might prove useful.


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