Thanks to Bentley’s marriage to Audi, a number of components from the German auto maker including diesel power plants will make way into Bentley’s vehicles across the Atlantic. First up, with the new Continental, a number of components including the entire front suspension system will be carried over from the Audi A8.

With Dirk van Braeckel working on the design, the new Continental would also be powered by a diesel power plant that would be good for 374HP, apart from a number of petrol powered W12 engines such as a 580HP unit and a 650HP unit. The new Continental is expected to arrive in sometime in 2011.

The Arnage on the other hand is expected to feature a V12 turbo-diesel carried over from the Audi Q7 TDI which is good for 500HP and an awesome 1000Nm of torque! I must say, that this marriage is a match made in heaven!