Proton has officially announced that it will be introducing Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) technology to its upcoming range of cars. This move should come as no surprise to readers of this website, since mules testing the Campro IAFM+ CVT combo were spotted and posted in May. But don’t expect CVT to completely replace Proton’s current four-speed automatics – the seamless gearbox will be an option.

“We have been conducting comprehensive development and integration tests of the CVT with our CamPro engines and we are happy to be able to provide this option to future buyers soon,” said Dato’ Sri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, Group MD of Proton.

“In the near future, CVT will be mated to our CamPro engines as an option to our range of cars along with the conventional four speed automatic gear transmission that is currently being used. This feature will not only provide more than just a smoother drive but it will also contribute towards fuel efficiency and savings to the user,” he added.

Proton says that the use of CVT, as opposed to their regular auto ‘box reduces transmission weight by up to 20% without compromising output capabilities. “It allows the car to change gear ratios seamlessly, eliminating transmission shock, facilitating greater responsiveness and smooth, consistent power delivery. CVT also offers various driving modes to suit the driver’s preference and feel,” the release stated.

“In view of fuel price pressure on consumers, we know that the introduction of CVT will contribute significantly to improving their lives as it not only provides them with a smoother drive but also helps reduce fuel consumption. Lower fuel consumption also impacts the environment significantly by reducing CO2 emissions,” Syed Zainal added,

Proton’s tests show that the adoption of CVT can reduce fuel consumption by up to 4% in urban driving and almost up to 10% for highway driving. There’s also a 5% emissions improvement thrown in the mix. No timeline has been given as to when the first CVT equipped Proton will be launched.