RON 97 petrol

The price of RON 97 petrol will be increased by 15 sen effective midnight tonight, bringing the price of the unregulated premium fuel to RM2.85 per litre.

This increase comes just two days after it was announced that RON 95 and diesel would be hiked to RM2.10 per litre and RM2.00 per litre respectively from September 3. No change has been announced so far for LPG.

According to The Malay Mail Online, Petrol Dealers Association Malaysia (PDAM) president Datuk Hashim Othman said the price increase was due to various factors, including the impending US strike on Syria and the poor performance of the Malaysian Ringgit’s exchange rate.

The last time RON 97’s pricing was revised was on May 23 this year, where the per litre price was reduced by 20 sen from RM2.90 per litre to RM2.70 per litre.


Reports earlier today revealed that the government was mulling reintroducing the lower octane RON 92 fuel – which was replaced by RON 95 in 2009 – if it is viable for local vehicles, but no decision had been made yet as the proposal was still in early stages and still undergoing studies.

We do not know at this point whether RON 92, if it’s indeed reintroduced, will replace RON 95 or RON 97. Three different fuel grades would be hard to maintain, as a lot of existing petrol stations do not have enough tanks to support that many variations of fuel grades.

If the octane rating choices are switched back to RON 92 and RON 97, a lot of users might have to upgrade from RON 95 to the more expensive RON 97, and RON 97 availability is already an issue now. If the fuel grade choices are set to RON 92 and RON 95, some performance car owners might possibly face problems with reduced engine performance at best, or worse, engine issues in the long run.