Even though Elon Musk is busy ensuring Tesla stays afloat while preparing to introduce more models, the company CEO still managed to find time to talk about yet another upcoming product, the Tesla pick-up truck.

In a Q&A session posted on his official Twitter account aka the unofficial Tesla press page, Musk asked the public what they would like to have in a Tesla-made pick-up truck.

Before the torrent of replies came in, Musk gave a few preliminary details about the model, where he said the pick-up would sport a dual-motor, all-wheel drive setup with “crazy torque.” He also noted that vehicle would have an all-electric range of between 644 and 805 km, or “even more.”

The pick-up will come as standard with adjustable suspension that adapts to the weight of the payload. Musk also said the pick-up truck comes with power outlets that allow heavy duty, 240-volt, high power tools to be used without the need of an extra generator.

Other bits of info include a driver’s seat that will be “big enough to fit André the Giant,” automated parking, 360-degree camera, sonar and a strong roof that “exceeds NHTSA safety standards like the Model S.”

Of course, this will all have to wait as Tesla is in the midst of preparing the Model Y compact SUV, which is slated to begin production in November 2019. Musk did not state where the Tesla pick-up will fit in the pipeline, which also includes the new Roadster and Semi truck.