The Proton Vendors Association wants AP holders to be barred from importing cars that are in the segments of markets that Proton is in.

It’s president Dr Wan Mohamed Wan Embong outlines what they want to be implemented in the National Automotive Policy.

They hope the government will consider it.

  1. Vehicles with engine capacities less than 2 litres should be barred from being imported, regardless of whether it is new or used.
  2. Approval letter should be seeked from Proton and Perodua before cars are allowed to be imported.
  3. Cars more than 5 years old should not be allowed to be imported, regardless of engine capacity, other than those classified as vintage cars.
  4. Declared price should be based on open market value decided by a council formed by the government.
  5. Excise duty must be continued indefinitely.
  6. Implement Vehicle End Of Life, where vehicles older than certain age should be declared not road-worthy, or have increased tax and other miscellaneous fees. This is to encourage new car sales.

This really sounds like a big joke doesn’t it? Ridiculous. Especially the last point. Do those rich people really think the rakyat is living a happy life rolling in cash? A lot of people have to suffer 7 to 9 year loans just to own the Proton Wira SE. You don’t have to talk about the Korean cars which is so-called cutting into your market segment. By the vehicle’s end of life, you would probably have just finished paying your loan! This will also destroy the second-hand car market.

Dr Wan Mohamed said Japan deregisters 5 million cars annually in it’s Vehicle End Of Life policy, where cars are chopped up and sold as half cuts for spare parts. These half cuts end up in Malaysia so that we can get quality Mitsubishi parts to replace the rubbish installed in our Proton cars when they fail us.

How can you compare with Japan? That place has a super efficient public transportation system. There, citizens have a choice whether to use a car or use the public transportation system. Here? Please, Dr Wan Mohamed. Go try taking the public transport system one day and you will change your mind.

The National Automotive Policy will be unveiled by the government in September. We will see whether the current government is concerned for the rakyat or is only interested in filling selected people’s coffers.

Source: StarBiz