MITI Minister Rafidah Aziz will publish the full list of AP recipients, after our prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi instructed her to publish the full list while he was in South Africa for a 3-day visit. This full list would include lists of those with showroom ownership.

Okay publish all, publish all. There’s no need to keep. Why should we keep. If by keeping we create negative perceptions, that’s not right, that’s wrong

We’re waiting. Publish! Publish all!

Regarding the 2005 list which was alleged to be in error and incomplete:

The list was the latest until 2005 and the public has seen the latest list. If there’s anything that has been left out inadvertently, then we would furnish further. But Rafidah would be in a better position. I have given and published the list on that day

Seems that Pak Lah choose option number 3 regarding the 2005 list. Passing the buck. She seems to be doing the same. Is this a game of ping pong?

As for Rafidah, she says she is still too hurt to reply Dr. M.

Bernama seems to indicate in their report that MITI has already published the 2004 list yesterday but I cannot find it on MITI’s website or MITI’s new EKP portal. But there is a pull-out in The Star today with the full list.

BTW, for tech buffs out there: MITI’s EKP portal has an RSS feed.

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